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Friday, October 10, 2008
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We're studying html today, like we did when we were seniors...and yes, there's a desire to stand out by using MS Frontpage for more options and all. Too bad, it was already deleted from my program files since we reformatted our pc... Through chat last night, he was at least making efforts to make it available, for me (and my selfish desires.)

This day is as boring as ever - contrary to what I was expecting last night. I was busy trying to review for our lessons and at least read our handouts for anticipated quizzes as announced by our instructors. I woke up early just to be on time (and I was already panicky knowing that there's only 5 minutes left before 7:30.) As I climb up the plight of stairs to the room at the end of the hallway, I found myself almost alone. I was the third one to land my feet on our class's grounds.

What turned out to happen was:

  1. Our first instructor did not attend class. What we did instead was finish errands for our clearances and had our test permits imprinted with the final seal needed. (It was the best time, I must say. Just this afternoon, our corridors were filled with people too many to be accommodated.)
  2. We were given a chance to choose: either to make our finals' test I and record it as quiz or we take the quiz without any studying done. We chose the former, but it's like as if we chose the wrong one. There was an imminent response from him, mind you, saying, "Dapat sigurado kayo sa pinili niyo a?"
  3. My handout in this third subjectwas already wet for all the times I was handling (and reading) it as we run duties from up and down the stairs.
  4. We just had our final class in PE and it was pen-and-paper style - with one simple instruction: list down everything you learned during the sem.

Much for that, I realized, I need to savor every moment... I need to make it last because it would be the last week that this semester would last.

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