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Friday, June 13, 2008
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left alone. There will always be times like this, maybe because you can actually see people around you not wanting you around that you might just want to leave and be somewhere else other than where you are right now.

weary. Who wouldn't? After having almost 12 hours of having classes, I feel like I just want to sleep and dream throughout the night. Good thing I only have four days every week for classes, lest I be like someone who can not attend to other occasions other than schooling.

guilty. I think I have some guilt in me because of having girl friends this semester just for the sake of having someone with me during the trip from school to our home (well, actually, only until we reach the terminal.) During school hours, it is usually JJ and JR (coincidentally having the same pet names) whom I am with.

sick. I can actually feel some discomfort just below my tummy, especially when I pee. It's as if I have some kind of UTI or something.

idle. Yes, I know, this is really actually me. Yet I feel pressured because every instructor recurrently asks who among the class is a scholar, and since I have been pointed at by another scholar, then the two of us is known to be.

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