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Thursday, July 31, 2008
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I am actually supposed to write a blog yesterday. Thanks to our defective cord extension, I have been longing all day to make it happen. I also needed to have for myself a completion of our school project. Nonetheless, I haven't done anything. Anyway, I have browsed deviantart for ideas, and I had some cool collections already. We were supposed to make a debut invitation, which would apply the different formatting and everything else basic IT thought us. Like, duh, we know how to use MS word, okay?!

Thanks to the people there, they have posted different ideas – wonderful and fanciful and worthy to be praised; I just want to use some ideas from what they have posted because I never actually attended any debut party yet.

Yes, you read that right. While everyone else is busy preparing whatever they are to wear or how would they look like on pictures that would soon be published in different social networking sites or whatever, I find myself thinking who's debut is it that could fit me in, and yes, I am desperate.

Not that I don't have any friends or that they don't celebrate birthdays, it's just that they're not really preparing for it. O_O Who would anyway? The country's situation is so much of a lowdown and where would it put our family but far down under.

Talk about my own, I'll be celebrating my debut soon enough (January next year). I have constantly teased my mom and my friends that I'll be having a party by the time I pass the board exam. (Like it would happen fast! O_O) Hey, Bianca celebrated hers at 23! And she's from Ateneo! O_O

Anyway, I would have to study for our quiz, haha. I told my mom I'm only going to have sounds while reading. -_- 2 hours left before I take it!

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