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Tuesday, June 17, 2008
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I think it's almost more than that! How could I be so tired already when it was only four days since I started my classes, with two of the weekends gone by have already been given to me (unlike last semester which only had Sundays and Wednesdays considered to be day offs!)

Could you actually imagine having your 12 hours out of you just so you would stay at school? It's actually what most of scenarios anyone is most likely to encounter, but it's actually so tiring, making me yawn like forever while having classes!

There are actually teachers who would want perfect little students. The ones who would study in advance and have the perfect definition of whatever the topic is at hand, then, looking out for poor scholars who do not actually know everything, just something. However, I also think it would be best that we do some advance studying yet it would help us better that he announce whatever assignments shall we have.

Then there's this professor who's giving the students some pressure on reporting and the sort - in which the highest of the group grades would be exempted from one of the major exams all the students should have or else they would get a failing grade. XC

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