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Thursday, July 10, 2008
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would you imagine I actually slept late last night like 11 pm already and have risen at 2am?! It's earlier that I am actually awake because I'm having some discomfort knowing that I haven't studied for our return demo regarding vital signs! hahaha...

After my study from 2-4, I tried to sleep like in one hour so that I could regain my energy and something else I need, but that doesn't help much because I was having like butterflies in my stomach and was cold, so I thought I need to relax a bit, and here I was updating my blog! [Talk about addiction.]

You may ask why, but it was because we bought my own stethoscope in Bambang, where everywhere I look is like a store with medical supplies only and you cannot look at other places without seeing any medical equipment! hahaha...

Good thing we have bought what we should at the right place, I might say, since the store dealer was suggesting us not the expensive one but the best one when it comes to quality. :D It was Baxtel. In the first store that we went, the only suggestion was that the more expensive a set was, it is more durable and all...

Anyway, my mom and I also have bought a pair of white shoes since the one I am using is actually almost torn to pieces right away... o.o

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