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Thursday, May 22, 2008
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4 wishes // make a wish?

Just last night, I have finally decided to be an active member of myLot, a forum Nesty has introduced to me.
By the way, this night would be Nesty's competition at their Barangay! :) Go Nesty! I'll cheer for you even if I'm not there physically :)

Well, back to the topic, I had 27 or so posts in myLot last night before I have started posting so much, and you could just imagine how I posted so much because I have spent 4 hours gluing my eyes on the computer LCD even if I have my neck and back muscles drooping already. :( There were discussions I couldn't relate to and there were even un-reply-able, but at least I had the guts to still continue. :}

From $0.54, my earnings now had $.49 added! Cool! It's almost equal to what I have earned during the past weeks. :] Yet, I would never want to do this for the rest of my life! When school days come in, there would be less, even NO time for these things. I just hope I could earn more.T_T For those of you wondering, it's a forum site in which you could earn through different activities. Would you want to join? :)

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