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Tuesday, July 01, 2008
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well, it's a secret since nobody knows that I have been there except my buddies (until I arrived home). I have been to Lipa Batangas 1 hour ago [based on this moment in which I have been writing this post] and am actually typing the words out of my head as I am standing since I have just had my dinner, which is actually another fast food, and makes me miss home-cooked meals more..T_T not to mention that they are actually more healthy than what I just had for our Lurienda [lunch + merienda~~from either JJ or JR]

about the lunch, it is actually something quite awful especially that JJ pointed out some of the gross facts actually present on the scene. Food court food, those at bargain [which are the only ones I could afford during that time to avail my body what it was yearning for] and there are actually flies on them! T_T I just hoped that God will let me stay healthy through that 'rough times'..XC

Then there's this wet hand game! haha! where JR would always be the victim! XD

it all started when JJ, who's also having problems with inborn gifts of sweaty hands, wiped his palms on my arms, so it all brought to life the wet-hand-game and whenever we are attacked by the sweating of our arms, it would be that I lather mine to my two friends [our trio does that]>>> Rizza taking a photo of herself with some eyeglasses she didn't actually buy [peace, rizza!] and I, smiling glamorously XD, with Lea taking off her fit shades. we were in SM Lipa, which is like 31 KM away...and I had to go home with nobody from my friends...

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