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Monday, May 19, 2008
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After almost two months of not being able to see nor feel the likes of my College school, I have been in it again just this early morning to enroll for my Second Year classes. There were many people already so I think there would be long lines for payments and registrations and all --- and I was right.

Anyway, early birds included Jam (whom I really miss), Marie (whom I really look upon to! She got 1.28 for her average last semester..-_-), Dahreen (a friend who earns a lot this summer), Evon (a seatmate during Filipino class), Sheryl and Lea (my group mates for our NSTP class) and many others.

I think that I actually missed them. haha. who wouldn't? I miss the times that we were united by a passion not to attend a class of a boring teacher and to do a project hastily. -_- The coming year would not be the same for us because we will be all separated by the alphabetical listing of sections.. *sigh*

Well at least, the latecomer, JR who's one of my close friends during my early times in our school is again one of my future classmates and I hope that we can share a bond that is for us, just like the old times. Nesty, Jopo and Jam, our other close friends will never again be our classmates again. T_T

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