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Thursday, June 12, 2008
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It all started at 4.30, in which time I woke up and had to sleep again for one hour. The alarm for 4.30 was intended for some test time - I mean, if I will be able to wake up at that time, then I'll be able to wake up at 5.30. You see, it usually takes 1 hour before I could prepare and leave home.I think it's better than other who bathe at 1 hour!

Then I walked through the village's busy streets to my friend, who's currently a freshman that we could go to school together. However, she already left because she had to be early. The thing is-she's TOO EARLY.

Through the journey, I have been with schoolmates whom I don't know actually. The thing is, they are Jam's boarding house-mates. Too bad she was too early to be one of them, now we couldn't be more together. Well at least I met her minutes before classes start.

Then there's someone so familiar I want to make him always stay - but he's actually more attached to his second semester friends. Anyway, at least he was always there to accompany me since he I'm the people whom I am very close to (referring to Jam and Nesty who happen to be in other sections distant from mine.) And I actually miss the times that we do lots of stuff incorporated with the most sincere laughters anyone would ever want.

And I miss the times when there were seven of us. And Lerry would be the quiet one who always had with his ears earplugs for some hardcore music which is actually considerable.. And Jazer who will always be the poet and the keen eyed-whatever who would always comment and debate over small things and would never want even his friends to open his mind. (I actually hate him for that.) And Jopo who will always be the charming and sweet guy who always is a friend when needed, an addiction actually to some of the ladies, but will always be loyal to -_- And JR who's always the comic actor and a great friend, enough said. (I won't like it anyway if I have to talk about someone who used to be....) And Nesty who's always the brainy girl and having always the extra mile towards everything conceivable.. and Jam who will always be my good friend and everything else...

You wouldn't believe this, but I was actually voted as Vice President of our class, just because they knew that I'm a scholar. boohoo.

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