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Monday, November 10, 2008
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The last post I had had been commented by I think one of my former classmates. Could it really be Ronald Melvin Rosas, who used to be one of the reasons why I enjoyed my third year in high school, was him?

I remember having mistaken someone whom I thought was from my "history" or my class, or somewhere else when it was actually one of the special people on my life long list of friends. ;) It was too much embarrassing because I have thought of people from out of nowhere, even him who would never actually call, especially that it has been long enough for us to talk (again). *We just saw each other recently after almost three years*.

I was acting like funny in a romantic way, when he was actually not on my list which I mentioned. haha, too funny to remember! ;)

What I did then was to tell him to introduce first before talking and all because of that incident. Since then, he was like, "hello, this is *****"...in favor of me. hahaha.

Anyway, whoever you may be, come back please? :)

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