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Friday, June 20, 2008
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What happened this day :)

1. Reunion

It was with Nesty and Jam. the full trio of us, that I have actually been revived by the losing comforts of our friendship and companionship complementing each other. It’s really a great thing that we meet again since it has been like 3 months before we actually see each other again. If only Nesty would have a surname more advanced, alphabetically speaking, then there would be no need for us to be THAT separated. Too bad, it would be an act of striking the moon.

2. Laughtrip

Whenever I recall the things that made me laugh these past few days, I would not simply ignore the song Polly Rose entertained us with. It was the first day of classes in English, and like most usual first day of school events, you would find yourself under the hot seat of introducing yourself and actually telling people you don’t know some basic knowledge about your personal stuff.

Back to my classmate Polly Rose, she actually included singing to be one of her talents which actually led to the inquisitive Mr. Tenorio to actually ask her to sing. Much to our surprise, we heard something not actually appropriate as to what song actually describes my classmates life. Mind you, I am actually listening! haha. “I’m a flirt” was definitely what I heard from how Polly defines her life! hahaha, it really is something I would want to laugh out from! XD

3. Actual interactions with other classmates~

Yes, you read it right. During the past few days of sophomore schooling, I have really found myself actually being isolated from the rest of them. Maybe it would be because I have a really close friend whom I don’t want to leave (unless we go our separate homes anyway). This Monday as a matter of fact, we were very sad because of what our lunch experience gave us. While eating, we were sad not because we only have each other but because other batch mates are not present around. By the time that we actually got out from the place, just through the street, were the many people of BSN 2-3, WITHOUT US!

Rude enough, some are even having their time for themselves and their vices like smoking. o.o

anyway, belated happy birthday to arnie! XD

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