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Saturday, November 29, 2008
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yey, after a long time!;) and I missed blog hopping.. :o

anyway, sorry if there's no link for comments in here.. I put the codes,but it did harm to the layout...O_O I'll be changing my skin as soon as I can.


This day started at 11.45. Yes, I woke up so late because I was so tired from the whole day class and internet sessions for my wp blog. I hope you visit it because it was so hard to design modify the theme I have downloaded. It was until 2.30 that I kept myself busy for the activity. Good thing I showered before I did made my habit of addiction take over me.

I think the only distraction was the MYX's Wer U At! :D They went to Enchanted Kingdom (which is just a jeepney ride away, worth p20++, emphasizing that it's not THAT far)...would you believe, I've only been there once?! We have lived here in Calamba Laguna for 11 years, and EK is 13 years old?! It's too much of a sarcasm. Hope I beat that before this year ends.

How? My friends are planning on a weekend spree at that amazing place and it would be the perfect opportunity to spend time with each other (since it's been a while that we've been together after high school.) There's also plans with my mom, my sister and Arnie that we go there during the holidays. My college friends are also wanting to go there any time soon.

There's three options already, obviously. Hope there won't be hindrances for these opportunities.

I'll blog hop soon. I miss my OL friends. Love lots, Kate. :D

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