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Saturday, July 05, 2008
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Yes, it had been long since I haven't got back to LB, with my friends. I think the last time was June 9 because we actually planned something in such a short notice, I might say. :)

Anyway, it has been one heck of a day since I actually got up from bed at around 11 am, and therefore did things later than the appointed time... I have even missed out on doing actual things lately. Too lazy to do them, but I am having a hard time coping up to my daily deeds...

And yes, I was back at LB just this afternoon, with my mom, who's the reason why I was able to go. Though my original plan was to spend time with my friends and do stuff like photocopying of our topic [it's way cheaper in LB maybe because there are so many competitors] but I missed out on doing it [like I said earlier] because I didn't know what topics to photocopy...whatever.

In our rented place for the business orientation my mom and I have getting ourselves into, I saw Cathy, Abbie and Claire in one of the tables and they decided to leave promptly after seeing me, HOW RUDE! Unlike Sijey and Jhezer who aren't actually the people I am most expecting to come with me, they are better friends, when it comes to these situations, than those I already had.

Can I just say I am thankful because they have participated openly and not just like others who left without any reason at all. And are they really what you call friends? Not for me.

You see, it was only my first time to actually personally talk with Jhezer, who was not even from my high school. He is from MSI, and whose clique is one of my former fans. I think, and honestly, he was also crushing on me from my high school! hahaha... XD and i'm like Polly. XD It felt like I have been passed down from bro to bro with Lemuel, Carmichael, Alec, Dan and Jhezer within their circle of friends because all of them shared a common factor. O.o

Cesar Ramirez, on the other hand, is just plain friendly + PG. if you know what I mean. ;) And he has shown up his support just for the sake of food. XD okay, so I'm acting rude. But really, it's sentimentally heartwarming that he showed up for my invitation even if we're not CLOSE.. we don't even talk at school! haha..

Still, I had a great time...Though I was not able to finish my Philo powerpoint, I hadn't photocopied my Filipino lectures and didn't see my friends. haha. [whatever.]

I'm so happy, I am already watching GG's episode 14! I have finished 4 episodes last night, would you believe?! Talk about addiction!

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