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Wednesday, September 29, 2010
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Yesterday, council mates JR and I had our own jaunt, if you may, in Manila... the thrill of being granted the chance of going out of town, without spending any money from your own pocket during schooldays! How I loved the concept. ;) Watching planes launching and landing gave me excitement, since I have always wanted to be an in-flight nurse, he wanted to be a pilot. Cooooool! ^^,
We were supposed to claim the pre-ordered plaques for the upcoming CAM (College of Allied Medicine) week, keenly searching for the store with the same address as with the given receipt, our only map.

Much to our surprise, the owner was not there, and he was actually already talking to one of the staff. We inquired about our orders, the phone guy requested for one of us and *wait for it* IT WAS NOT YET READY! After all the dusty, smoky traffic we have gotten ourselves into for an hour and a half, the stalking of a student whose school was supposed to be from across the street, the excitement of taking home the gold from the mine, *poof!* it burst my bubble.

So we had no choice left but to take responsibility of having another task: buying swim wear for the pageant's segment of showing off your body and having confidence on it. Of course, it was never a busy job. We wasted time scouting for shops nearby, and people were just directing us somewhere we were not looking for. Funny how we were instructed to find a certain place when it was actually what we skipped before heading somewhere else. XD

This is me, "trying out" the *gulps* one-piece bathing suit the contestants are about to wear, taking a photo for future reference :p We almost thought this moment would not arrive, since we only found the 90's type of bathing suit in the previous stalls we were in. And wow...how I wished I brought money for the trip. Everything on display was what my eyes were craving for. -.-

We were bargaining this violet suit for a lower price, which took a while, and when we finally decided on a price, that's when we knew that there was only 1 piece of the thing...and what? we needed 8 of the same kind!!!! -.-


anyway, we headed back to school after a quick meal at the jeep, on the bus, after sleeping throughout the distance. 3 hours late! and I was assigned reporter for the day. how pathetic. -.-

I love my teacher for still allowing us to take part in her class that day *which was reportedly similar to a school program which began with our classmates singing The Prayer!!! :))))) funeeeh! XD

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