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Wednesday, May 14, 2014
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If you would ask me how I feel right now in this current job function I have, I would need to be honest with you.

I am not happy.
In fact, I am disappointed, or should I say, I feel degraded.

Instead of feeling empowered, or accomplished, that someone like me who's in my first overseas job and just a few months before my first year here in Dubai, I feel like I am abused yet neglected. I feel abused because people who are with the same job function with me are with better compensation, greater benefits and less stress. I do some of the manager's function, and what? I'm just compensated with his housing allowance, or maybe not even close. My healthcard is downgraded to a meager amount that I shouldn't be using it at all.

I know I don't have that enough experience compared with them, but why do they keep delegating tasks more than I should have been receiving? Why should I keep two functions with me when it is clearly stated that I should be with this other department now?

If you are in UAE, please help me land at least a Free Zone job. Pleaseeee :( 

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