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Friday, February 09, 2007
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jaymie, hannah and erika was here in our house so that they can experience playing o2 jam..la lang..it was after the honor society, which was where i am [still] included..[though i slipped off from almost the top..O_o anyway, they were really influenced! haha. na-adik n rin..O_o gya2 s kin..tuwng-tuwa si ekay at nkpag-level-up n xa. haha. kaw na.. level 8 plng ako..T_T tapos, nude p rin ang avatar.. add nman ako ng mga meron account don. haha k8cath username ko..:-P arnie. miss na kta. love you. thanks for coming into my life, and for keeping me [too]. sorry....T_T keep in touch. [waah. ang corny ko. never na uli nging sweet.T_T]

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