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Saturday, March 17, 2007
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hate it! i woke up at 4 am last friday,only for that event. syang ang effort..t.t there were those who always came late and made the effort of having to wake up early in the morning just so our teacher won't be infuriated. [she always does. she even SOMETIMES blurt out things better left unsaid... otherwise,things NEVER expected by a student from her teacher.] anyway,my dad just come home from Tarlac. he went to his hometown to visit his family [brothers and sisters]... we weren't able to come because there are still classes on going. besides,since we have no car,and the transportation fares were expensive, we then considered it as a good [and economical] decision..xp i miss my friends. grabe. there are only 13 days left. 13 days before the legacy ends. t.t


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