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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
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it was yesterday when we were practicing [again] for graduation, and everything seems so hopeless. the assignments for the seating arrangement was given, and the honorable mentions are in the stage.

which was what i was expecting since i watched the graduation of batch '04-'05..since ARvin is their salutatorian, i also wanted to become one of the honors of the school, being in stage for the whole graduation rites, looked up to by almost all of the people watching...but of course, my dreams ended there, when my name wasn't called to be one of the qualifieds.

i think, it may be because i missed many of the requirements needed to compute our grade, and i have no choice but to let go of the grade that must have waited for me for a long time. also, our research, which was not favored by our teacher.

also, those who are seated near me are those who are rather, bashful and modest in almost every way. if that would be the case, then to whom will i be able to cry whenever i would feel to be giving up....?


while hanging out with my friends, we were talking about the time that we will become college students. we were thinking that it would be painful to be only overlooked by those people whom you once get so closed with, in four years.


migliore amico came and he spoiled us with Zagu...;)


then, Arnie came..>,< they were dismissed early from his review classes, and he came to LB..^^ we roamed around with my friends, then he also treated us with some snacks...^^ it lasted about 2 hours when we were together, yet i still wanted to spend some time with him.


i went home at about 7.30 pm and i was, as expected, they flew into a rage. they were expecting me to come home earlier. they say it was not the time for a teen like me, especially that i am a girl, to come home at 8 pm. they were also appealing that i haven't texted them, yet I did.


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