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Wednesday, May 21, 2008
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I just spent my afternoon doing nothing, because my mom has dragged me with her to Alabang, where she does business.., and it has been 4 hours! I could have done so many things here in our home! T_T

actually, I have no guts, nor plans, to leave her alone, because she has no one to accompany her and also because she would have no one to help her carry her luggages from her direct selling business...

She might have seen that I was not in a good mood, she went with me and wandered around the mall, where we are at, and bought me some ice cream! ;) or whatever that may be called. [the picture shows a frozen yogurt, but I like it still.] I think it was the same kind above because it behaves not like the ice cream I usually eat, especially the taste. ooh. it's mouth watering. T_T

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