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Friday, April 13, 2007
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it was arnie's graduation yesterday... he asked for my parent's permission a day before the event. at first, i wasn't allowed to go. since i protested on having the permission of my parents regarding his graduation, my father can't argue no more. hehe...;)

so, he fetched me up in our village and in the van was where i met his family...^^ they were so accommodating and fun to be with..I can never forget the [endless]picture-taking [go arcie..], the exchange of informal [funny] thoughts about anything being talked about..xp [go ariane..]

his classmates were so much excited when he introduced me to them..they were like,"arnie, sino yan? sister mo?"...he answered them with a smile...then they responded like,"OMG. girl mo?.. wow, arnie.."...

another instance was when we were about to leave. jen, his cousin, and doy, jen's guy and arnie's classmate, were commenting on him..."andaya mo naman, hindi mo man lang pinapakilala.."

nway,it was fun being with him [and them]

on their compound, he introduced me to his aunts, uncles, cousins, grandma...everyone. >,<

their comments were great...at least, they appreciated me...[they almost welcomed me into their family, though we're not really lovers yet...*d pa legal sa side ko e...hehe*]

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