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Wednesday, September 10, 2008
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Talking about the last straw, I have been seriously having mine early yesterday. I was late for class for the nth time, and so my teacher decided AGAIN not to touch, even just glance, over our research paper which made me, even Arnie, to lack sleeping hours!

I really have been running late in the morning, but what I did choose to do before I leave our village was to get back up to running home because I left something unnecessarily important - my lunch. I was stupid enough to consider heading back home because I failed to see the effort my mom gave in preparing my lunch. So there, I was left out with a bigger consequence. :(

Another problem is with my friends back in UPLB. I have failed to visit them for the nth time, though there were no appointments really, (except for the birthdays I have missed). There's Cathy's, Arian's and now Renz's. I really wanted to go, truly. Unfortunately, my schedule has always been wrapped up. Especially during Tuesdays and Fridays on which their birthdays have fallen upon.

The things I really consider of a problem with these issues are: time, company and money.

First, time because of my schedule and all. During Mondays, I have to be in Batangas from 8-5 pm and of course, there are extra curricular activities waiting to be done. Also, having some kind of an organization would mean tasks to do and things to get started. When do we meet? Every saturday. There's also times when I have to go to Parañaque to stay overnight because of family and church affairs.

Company, pointins directly to my friends over there. Of course, since they are with each other for the rest of their college activities whether academic or not, they have grown close enough to make me feel out of place everytime I visit.

And of course, with our depressing economy, ...nuff said.

Then, there's someone who got mad at me. Lamely because of a certain truth I have emphasized thru text which did not even involve anybody else but a few people in our class. While we reconciled after some time the next day after, a few minutes later, our other close friend remembered about the text and therefore I answered his question. Then again, he laughed about finding out IN FRONT of him, and there he went furious again. It took me 5 days before I got our friendship back with numerous talks involving different people about our situation.

I missed everything we used to share, especially when people were talking about Photoshop and Cadbury Fruit and Nut - which we have been enjoying commonly among ourselves. Then, about a minute before we leave school, there he was smiling at me and then I had my tears bulge up along my outer canthus (?).

Not that I'm crushing on him or anything (as anyone has been thinking), I remain true to our friendship. Besides, I'm enjoying my time spent with .... XD

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