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Wednesday, August 20, 2008
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I'm currently overwhelmed by kuya E. haha. Thanks for the Cinnamon Rolls. Those were such relief in times of unwanted classes and classmates who've been physically distressed. (Good thing I don't experience dysmenorrheal kind of pain whatever, plus the fact that I'm regular when period comes).

I've been such an insignificant friend lately. For third year in a row, I have not been able to see my dear Ditse as she celebrated her 19th birthday. I actually had no choice because this time, it fell between the choice of either answering and finishing my 6 exams last Friday or go to LB to be with our friends to celebrate with her.

Of course, she had such wonderful time, having almost our entire batch mates greet her and all, with only 2 of us (I can't remember who the other one was) who were not able to see her that time. I hate it, like I am the worst friend any one could ever have. -_-

Then, recently, my classmate who was experiencing her irregular period was left behind, having only me as her close friend (without Nica, since last week because of her family problems), and she almost crawled her way to the clinic from the third floor because she was too unconscious of her situation – experiencing pain in her abdominals, vomiting, headache – she was almost out of consciousness.

Where was I? Spending time laughing, playing around and jerking with my long time lost friend whom I have so much of similarities (including sweaty palms and soles) – and I bet you know him from my previous post. I almost ripped of his whole uniform, good thing it was only one of his buttons that fell off of him. XD I missed him because I had no one to talk about long stories about various topics either seriously or otherwise. Not that I've got no one to talk to or anything, but there's just something different in him. (However, as much as most of those who see me with him think that I'm crushing on him, apparently, the answer's NOT! It's just those friendly bonds which I already accomplished with him.)

He was finding his way again towards us, since he tried to go another road just some time ago because, according to someone else, he was too despaired because of my (unconscious) degeneration of him – when I'm not really that kind of a friend. Those were all just playful antics pulled on everyone else as him. And I'm really sorry; I've been so selfishly focusing only on my emotions and have been failing to recognize others'.

Then there's also this friend who's been desperately needing one, and last week in fact called almost all of us, without someone to answer her calls either because of work overload or whatsoever kind of acts. As for my situation that time, I was already busy trying to have a good night sleep because I have foreseen the need for it (and I was right, after that 12-hour sleep, it took me 72 hours before I sleep again soundly). She was almost crying, and all that she found to be conversation with me was, "Nica,next time na lang, text na lang tayo." After that, I did not know what happened next.

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