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Tuesday, March 10, 2009
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I was headed home from a worthless spending of money on transportation (we had no classes, except for some finals requirements thing) when I saw Arian and some other friends (Ekay and Mel) at my last stop before going home ~ which is the tryk terminal. :p

Turns out that they are going out for a photography session for Ekay's elective. Good thing I was wearing some kind of coverup to save myself from humiliation with the uniform that we had to be wearing. (Which was hideous. ESPECIALLY that I have no shoes to at least alleviate its chicness or something.)

We saw many snails around every bush gracing the aisles of our territorial landmark, and ooh - they can really make you have chills! We took pictures mostly of things around us, and I tell you, they're all very artsy and creative. I adore 3sh's shots the most, maybe because of the style the photographer used.

Parting ways happened when they are about to move to another place for their shoot. It was twilight again, so I pursued to go home. Since it was halfway through to our door, I decided to walk instead that I'll save money this time.

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