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Thursday, December 15, 2011
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I woke up at the crack of dawn, still dazed from a 4-hour sleep, with eyes still visibly swollen after applying an eye cream, struggling to arise and look forward to the day ahead. Well, today, I shall again come to NAIA and say my goodbyes to a loved one. It's not the first time that I say goodbye to someone and lose him or her to other countries, but today, I think my heart went out flying too.

It was the familiar company of his family - his mom, dad, aunt, cousin, and nephew - were with us on our way to the departure gate of the airport. They were busy retelling stories of old from what they have missed from each other since they left; on the other hand, we were quite drowsy from our one-day marathon of our effort to be dauntless before our parting. I just couldn't believe that it was just last night that we have managed to do something we have long hoped for in years.

We were out last night, crossing out together things from his checklist, like buying personal stuff he's supposed to have yet still unavailable. He also succeeded to make me try out this cool new restaurant that's been recently looming out from everywhere, and much to our surprise, we were treated like VIPs. (Maybe it was because we were from Vigan #matching shirts) It was my first time, it was his nth. 

It was also last night when we sneaked out to catch a glimpse of the so-called meteor shower, only to find out that a.) it was VERY cloudy and b.) it was starting to rain and C.) It was our first time just lying around under the night sky... It was very rewarding to just lie there among the grass, with a song you both know is very appropriate to what you two were having just right there. We started singing...  my tears are already shedding out... then it started to rain. 

All those farewells from the night and days before, made me realize it's all coming down to this day. But what tugged from my heartstrings were the words, "sabi mo kasi re-review-hin kita e..." (His answer when asked "Bakit nga naghintay ka pa ng 4 years bago ka nag-abroad?") and it was true, I said that while he was still reviewing for his own board exam, and I was still in high school...

Today, I just chose to start my day with ambivalence; the feeling of both a daydream and a nightmare. I knew that this day would come, a nightmare that we'll have to part from each other; but at the same time, dream of the future that this will soon be over and we'll then be hand in hand again.

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