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Saturday, January 28, 2012
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I feel bad for my childhood friend (or friend since childhood?) for having to talk to her husband only through the internet despite the fact that, contrary to my own situation, he is a bus ride away, I think. She has to cry and spill tears and use up tissue, when she has a shoulder whom she should be doing those things to. What's the point of being married in that situation anyway?

Lately, I have been daydreaming immensely on weddings, honeymoons, dream cars, dream houses and so on, but seeing her like that makes me want to ask why am I dreaming away? And that I should look beyond those tears and keep myself busy with dreaming because this is the prize of being able to wait... Waiting, in the time of the Lord, on His real blessed plan for us.

Which I have failed on another aspect. I am a nurse, at least, by the card but not yet in my (coming) work. I have been too anxious for 4 months after my board exam, with everyone else asking about me and my current employment status, and worse, my family's financial aspect. I was offered job after job not related to my course... but hey, I thought, if I will be working for something I wasn't prepared for, why not go for something which offers best? I grabbed the opportunity and in less than a week, I was summoned for interview schedules in a hospital.

And another hospital after 1 month.

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