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Monday, November 06, 2006
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I did not take a bath this morning. It was because I might have headache, and so I did not wash my hair..[waaaah! kahiya!! >,<] I arrived at school,almost late. haha.. anyway, it was weird because:
  1. My adviser had me in her eyes..mainly, I think it was my fault also..=P I was absent for almost 1 week last week..and since there were many teachers who have soooo much effort teaching their students. [they still teach us, thought it is not very appropriate to do so..T_T] ...I was completing my notes when she called me to recite for the discussion we were having..[and she was laughing--like I was not attentive! h8 her!!!] I ANSWERED HER CORRECTLY ANyway---TLE subject
  2. we were being accused of not attending to our outputs..T_T you know, it's not true! ---FIL
  3. I reached out for the star! =P [I was recited for the past lessons--Circles, which were last discussed when we were still in third year..haha..--TRIGO class
  4. This is one of the MOst Embarassing MOments this day. T_T...we were given an assignment..I was trying my best to listen, and still jot down notes. I did not know what to do and so, I asked the whole class,"Mam, san po isusulat to?"..the next thing I knew, the WHOLE class started laughing..! I did not know,weird,but they said it was just said by my teacher!! [embaraaaaaaaasing!!] --MAPEH
  5. wrong grammar. Maybe this was the time that I was having my headache. [don't want to talk about it..T_T] --ENGLISh
  6. sooooooooooo hard! All i could do was Staaare!!--CALCULUS
  7. my teacher, the ever dedicated, Mr. JAvier..he tried to make as laugh..[he did succeed] but he did not made us listen! haha..[joke. maybe, this applies to just most of us..=P]--PhySICS
  8. sleeping tym with Mrs. Pasagui! [joke]..good thing I haven't done anything to humiliate myself..T_T --ECOnomIcS
  9. haaaaaaaaate research!!! we have to deal with another investigatory project again...! this tym, another problem is recquired!! haha...

my seatmate even told me, "ang t***a mo naman ngaung araw na to..."

haaay... I can't even believe myself. Maybe, it was because I'm still hung up to the Youth camp, the vacation, and other things not involving SCHOOl!!!

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