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Saturday, November 11, 2006
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we--abbie, jaymie, llendl, celine and kim, filed an application form just this morning..cool! great thing was, we saw Alden of Calla LIly, walking around, from his building..[his classes had just ended..;)] ganda sa UST, high-tech! ;) after UST, I thought we would be going around the U-belt...unfortunately, we didn't. nway, we headed to Mall of Asia after..since it was traffic, our chaperones can't wait to go home..they just let us roam around, since most of them haven't gone there before..sad thing was, we were just given 2 hours! c'mon!! it was cool..but sad.. also because, me and my arnie haven't been together quite some time now, cause he's still busy..we will be having our anniversary of friendship--hope we can be together..T_T

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