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Thursday, November 02, 2006
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I went to school just this monday, having some of my things for the overnight with me..I was late,good thing my teacher didn't mind.. our grades were given an overview for the second quarter is over and i'm hoping to be an honor student..another thing done was the item analysis for every subjects' tests..fortunately, we were not forced to do it..haha.. anyway, I stayed in jobel's house last monday night so that I can be of free ride on the way to the campsite..on the time we were about to leave for the "journey", arnie somehow wanted to see me and so we met at the SM bicutan, since it is only a one-ride trip..hehe..[i've got to buy some toiletries so i agreed..=P] when we arrived at the campsite.....:
  1. it was so unorganized--registrations were not yet started, and it was getting late
  2. i saw jireh and his troop..[i badly miss spending time with them..]
  3. campers were almost new, none of whom I know..[joke. there were regular campers there, but they're not the type i'd have conversations with..=P]

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