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Tuesday, December 05, 2006
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I was frustrated when my batchmate approached me, telling me that I was supposed to be with them earlier that day. It was monday, just yesterday, when they went to one of the renowned schools in Calamba [Colegio de San Juan de Letran]. Lyka, my batchmate, told me that our English teacher was thinking of having me in one of the categories of the BOOK WEEK contest. It seems that I have convinced her with what I wrote in the essay where I just doodled my ideas carelessly... I joined the VOlleyball team for our Inter-Section sportsfest, at the same time, I was substituting for Bona as a Badminton player---while I was one of the members of one of the committees involved. :D Anyway, this morning, we prepared for the cooking contest held by [insert org here--I couldn't remember, I was just trying out the foods while I was there, hence they proved me PG!!!]... We prepared "Tinumok", a main dish with Taro Leaves as main ingredient. We did not win any award, but its ok. :D at least, I was part of it..=P

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