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Thursday, December 21, 2006
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our "year-end party" was held just yesterday inside our classroom, with 41 students who were able to attend the said party. it was so called "year-end" party, for the reason that not everyone of us were of religions which celebrate Christmas days. [but still, many were not able to attend because of some conditions which are unavoidable. it was such a "distress" for it would be the last party of our high school batch--for we'll soon be parting ways..=( while eating what everybody had prepared for the merrymaking,the Archi band was playing different songs for us to enjoy [then ceased for a while, so they too could eat] after giving our tummies a treat, picture-taking took off! there were 2 cameras, and so, we were alterring on the two when it comes to posing. [my camera had 400+ pics after everyone was satisied! check out my multiply for some of it, if I can successfully upload most of them..] though there was a conflict which almost broke up my mood, it was solved through eating..hehe.. [can you believe, I refused to take a picture, when I am the class' cam whore?] hehe... exchanging gifts and inspirational talks were things that followed. then, partying. the band played different songs, which sold to the audience [hehe].. then, we paraded all over our classrooms's building and then to the whole school--especially to the lower sections' place [haha] to show off our banner and how we unite as one section..[still taking photos while walking and shouting our cheer! after our party, we headed to Abbie's place to get ready for the "tripper's party", one that is for our "circle of friends".. MY ARNIE came, though he was from his duty...and there were heavy traffic...haaay...can't help falling in love with him...always...he's always the sweet, thoughtful and funny guy...he bought me medicine and dinner...>,< we were supposed to see the Parolan in UP, but I was already freezing in cold [and I can't let him hug me, especially in public..] I almost shrink for shame because of my pics with the school's heartthrob---which you can consider sweet...I think I made him jealous...>,<

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