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Friday, December 01, 2006
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it's been ages since i last posted, and I'm sorry for those who were visiting... It's just that idleness have always been striking on me...besides, I'm too much busy with my school works...[huh?! since when?!] anyway, i have taken my USTet. It was easy, but I cannot assure people that I'm going to pass it. the only thing that made me happy during the test was there were sooooo maaaaaannnnyyyyy cute guys...>,< don't blame me, they all look good! ;) [but that doesn't mean I forget about my arnie...!] i missed him. i still remember the time that i took my UPCAT...he was there waiting for me...during my exams...it even rained, but he did not left me...>,< before UPCAt began, the proctor gave me a chocolate, and i knew it was him...and so, i was dreaming that I might experience the same...hehe...[but of course, he was in Laguna...T_T] hope we can be together again...T_T

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