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Tuesday, September 11, 2007
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Hay nako...

kilig-kilig na naman si kate...kahapon... XD

it was monday, in Psychology. Our class's activity was to have a poster about yourself [we did this last week], then relate/explain it to our class... one thing made me flutter and go red... it was jake's.

his work was fine. i don't actually remember all, but I do remember one thing: the heart, and in that heart-drawn image, it was my name.

While he was presenting, he was his usual self... being calm and maybe nervous, cause he always take a long time presenting in class... then he stated at the end that he's in love. Everybody cheered, then asked who it was...

he answered, and said that it was a secret.

but then again, ms. matu, from the back called out, "hindi ba natin pwedeng sabihin na si Cathleen ang [hindi ko na tanda]...?" tapos, kinilig ako. hahahaha.... XD

yun. haha. tapos, isa pa.

si close friend, ilang araw nang may sinasabing "may sasabhin ako sa iyo..." tapos sabay bawi, "ay, wag na lang.nalimutan ko na e,.."

tapos, yun. may knwento ako sa kanya, tapos, napaamin siya. [yesss...]

sabi niya, crush daw niya ako---simula sa simula palang. [yesss...]


There was this young man who waited for me to finish my class... he waited during this time range: his time out from work till 4.30, then he headed towards my school to fetch me up... [yun palang, sweet na...]

though he was late [lage namaaaaan!!], I waited for him outside my campus... then, he arrived... >,<>,<

tapos, ayun, knwento ko yung mga bagay-bagay na nangyari earlier.. ang reaction ba naman, "meron din akong kilala.. lagi siyang naiinlove--sau.."


While headed home, he got my bag [dapat lang. XP] .. when we were almost near the jeep's terminal, i had my bag, so i could check my phone.

Then, IT was there. one thing that makes me happy, and maybe what makes him glad too.. it was our cinnamon roll. [ la lang. ang sweet kaya...]

He also got me a Cheetos...[yun nga ba?] la lang.

tapos, yun. tatlo sila ngayon. hehe. JOKE! XD

good girl ako. hanggang kilig na lang muna. ;)

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