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Wednesday, September 05, 2007
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for posting...NOT! for being idle and not updating. alam ko kasing, meron namang nag-aabang sa post ko---kahit papano.. haha...

anyway, just yesterday, I went to my dentist for my monthly check-up... recently, there has just been this unwanted gap in between three of my teeth, and so I have to check up on it. but then, it was sooooo depressing that the event of what I was expecting came to a halt---my dentist's child, or children?, was/were having fever...I was waiting for about 4 hours----waited for nothing.

after knowing that the wait will do me no good, and after my mom called that I go back to where she was, I headed to Alabang. On my way there, I have ridden in a jeepney where along the way, a maniac rode also. He was actually staring at my poor legs, which everybody I know think of as annoying [I was wearing bermuda shorts because it was so hot during the afternoon we left home]. after some time, he even moved to the seat just across me--with his camera phone in his hand! I have even thought that maybe he'll take an image of my thighs... thank God, He protected me from wicked-minded guys.

well,anyway,.today was just another day, though, I started it with God. woohoo!

another thing is that, it is september 5, in which signifies an important event--always.,also, today is arnie's first day at his job as an official nurse..

By the way, I have just watched High School Musical 2 [where I envied them, especially Gabriella who's got the hottest guy in school... ] and Evan Almighty, a comedy and a heartwarming movie for the family...

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