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Saturday, November 17, 2007
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    Last Tuesday, while I was too busy to blog [with the exception of my journal], my friends and I have decided to have a small gathering by playing dock pin. I was late, because I had my class until 4.30, and our meeting time was 3. [I know.] So, I had to go home as fast as I could, change clothes as fast as I could, and eat for my lunch [I didn't] as fast as I could so I could go to Los Baños as fast as I could. [I know.]

    Another thing was, during the afternoons, in which most people would probably be going home. I spent almost 20 minutes, enough for the whole trip in a place called Anos, and there by Celine's street, I have been able to see and have a little talk with her.

    At Vega, I have seen Arian and Melissa walk along its street from the other side of the road, that I got no chance to greet them. It was so dark already; I was so scared of not being able to be with them, because at UP, you will never know what happen. Good thing they were still there, so I had the chance to play with them. It was a great excitement, because it was my first time, and they were even laughing…>.< unfortunately, the ones in-charge were so lazy to make business with us that they only gave us 'a' chance to play.

    With so little time for them to prepare for their first day of class the next morning at 7.30, we departed at a time we didn't want to. As for me, I had to travel through the night [?] to get home. Before our departure, Katrhina wished for us to have lovers who would have wheels…And we all came back to Carmichael. T_T



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