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Thursday, November 22, 2007
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It was last Sunday, November 18, and yes, we went out to church. It's not just a ritual anyway, but it is a time of renewing our souls with spiritual blessings, lavishly. To my surprise, we arrived almost before the middle of the sermon, because we always get there late.

The Church of Thyatira was the Sunday school's topic. They were people of compassion towards each other, as you are in a big family. You can see in them that they grow in love, service and faith… But Jesus saw one thing against them: they were tolerating a member, in the name of love, a false prophetess named Jezebel, who from the Old Testament was:

  • A daughter of a Pagan
  • Supporter of the prophets of Baal
  • Issuer of a death threat to the prophet Elijah

The Jezebel mentioned could be someone symbolically, which was the reason why I related it to the Jezebel of the Old Testament, or it could be that Jezebel is her real name. Because of Jezebel, Christian principles that they could have been practicing were ignored, so Jesus grieved them for that. What we can do is that we keep our trust and honesty to God.


  1. "I place no other burdens on you." – Revelations 2:24 (restraint from fornication…and others.)
  2. "Whatever you have, hold fast until I come." – Revelations 2:25 (It will be a struggle/war, but those who persevere will rule with Jesus. Psalms 2)
  3. Jesus is our bright morning star, amidst the dark world. – Revelations 22:16

And so, I just wanted to share this because I find its implication/s… I mean, as for me who meets more people for friends [i.e. NEW classmates], this is essential that I keep what I stand for, and that I won't be pulled away from those things because of even just a friend. It's just great; I hope I made you understand…reader... ;)


Anyway, the night of that Sunday, we were given a chance to go home, with tita B accompanying us as she goes to hers. Her place was nearer, I might add. While we were on our way, mommy and tita were talking about things, so as not to keep a dead air. From all the things that they were talking about, one thing tore my heart.

It was her nieces. Tita b had her nieces attend the church every Sunday, since summer?...or so I thought. She related us what happened the time they got to meet again after years that led to their comeback attendance to the church that my family also attends to.

She said that it was one Sunday morning when she ran out of medicine, which did occur that one time. While on her way to a drugstore, she heard someone calling her name; as it turns out, those were her nieces, in their dresses, and told her that they were looking for a church. A situation in which is rare among many individuals, especially the teens.

It struck me because, for almost all my life, I have been nurtured with the words of God, in different churchesmostly at Parañaqueand only this time of my life am I searching for God (and sometimes, i even find myself just idling around, not having the desire.)

But then again, it's a lesson learned.

Sana, kayo rin.

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