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Saturday, November 17, 2007
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Two years ago, November 16, 2005, I had the chance of meeting up with someone I wouldn't think of as special. His name is Arnie. We met in a Bible Study, but never really talked because I had someone protective, not wanting me to talk with any other guy...but of course, it's only when we are together. XD

Yesterday, we were given a chance to go home earlier than the allotted time because the professor we were suppose to have was absent. Upon our homeward bound, Nesty, Jam and I were surprised to see someone wearing a white shirt, which was similar to Yael's [which he wore on their video, Bitiw]. It was Arnie, typically wearing his Levi's shirt, and Levi's pants, and Levi's watch, and Levi's necklace, and Levi's wallet…and who knows what other things? XD [just kidding, Arn! XD]

It was almost 3 pm that time, and if our classes had been resumed, he was going to wait for a long 1 hour and 30 minutes just to see me, and have me given his gift! [Well actually, it was what Nesty was worrying about. XD] Of course, who wouldn't be all-smiles with that event? XD I was, and still am. J [Though we're now just good friends. J] I also was shocked, because I wasn't expecting him, nor I didn't know that there was a celebration…

It was only when we were already in a jitney going home that I remembered the date. The November 16 day, and I was so sorry that I didn't remember… On our way home, we talked about many wonderful things, which are so overwhelmingly memorable. Through the tricycle ride, the driver took us around the village before we could 'take off' only to find out that my mother and my sister were in a place needing a long walk to go to.

He was actually not planning to accompany me home, but since I insisted, he refused to reject the invitation. He was also worrying that maybe my mom would be disappointed since he only asked permission that he drop by at my school so he could give me a gift.

During our time together, he cooked me a siesta…and gave me a free treat, and reminded me of how beautiful life is, even if school comes along. I could never forget such a person…

Anyway, the gift was a box of Goldilocks…;) At first, Jam and I have thought of it as a chocolate cake, both our favorite… but it was actually something that I have long been craving for! XD [PM me for the gift..XD]

Before he left which was the hardest part of his visit it took us some time to actually stand up…and start our way out…but never mind. I was just so thankful that God has let this happen again, after a long time. At least, He still permits us to become friends and be there for each other…after all, it's all for Him.

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