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Tuesday, January 15, 2008
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Second time for school after the dengue + confinement happened… I think it would be my most awaited day for this week—why wouldn't it be? I had to make up for the prelim exam for physics that I missed last, last Saturday because of my admission at the hospital!

What I had gone through, you must ask!
It was yesterday when I had to fill out the completion form which has several copies that needed to be accomplished. I have waited until 6.30 in the evening [last time that I did spent my evening at school was for the Ms. School of Nursing pageant] just to avail of the special examination for the said course, which I should have spent for attending the RCM at LB. my teacher did not allow me to take the test because I have not completed the form which was supposed to be the special exam permit.


I have miscalculated my schedule and I have suffered the consequence—I searched for my instructor room after room from each floor of [luckily] two [only] buildings. After almost 45 minutes, I found her walking down the hallway in which I have passed [and looked through] twice! HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED HER! And my bag was so much of a pain to bear!

Well anyway, I have taken the test. It was tough—for those who haven't have time to review. Hopefully, I will pass.

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