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Wednesday, January 23, 2008
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It's now my birthday. My early present, materially would be the bracelet Phoebe gave me just last Sunday and the butterfly keychain Jam gave me. She said it was from a store in Paete in which she had just first time shopping.

Emotionally, I think I am given mixed emotions for the things I did. Flunking in an exam would be the perfect example of the negative side. It happens so fast that I do not know how to feel. Earlier today was when I found my name on the Dean's list and couldn't find a reason why not to be happy until foolishness and stupidity hit me on the head face-to-face.

I can still remember the same situation last year for January 22. We also were taking our first day exams and the UPCAT results, where I found my name, were released. It was such a remarkable and overwhelmingly joyful experience that I got to share even with one of the people who hated me so much. It even turned out great because he even complimented me by saying, "I know, pangalan mo pa nga ang una kong hinanap e. galling! Biochem sa UPM…" so much like that. My classmates and friends on the other hand were also gleeful for us and the thing that they said to me for the nth time was "ang galing naman ng pa-birthday sa iyo"…

Two years ago, on the same day of my birthday [actually, it was midnight then], two people were contesting of being the one to greet me – the first past the post? A*nie. [The other one still don't know that he was past the former.] Then last year, it was solitary. He was the only to one to greet me. Earlier this very hour anyway, it was only my mom.

And I don't get it.

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