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Friday, March 14, 2008
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I've been doing this for awhile now. Getting up early in the morning so that I could study for a quiz, or memorize for the speech that we are about to deliver this coming morning. J I know, there's always this cramming and rushing - again!

Since I miss the times when I devote some of my time doing blogging, I might as well update my long-forgotten blog which has a layout waiting for me to install. I've designed that layout and my "encoder" just can't wait to see it online – yet, as I have said, I have missed updating it.

Anyway, I miss to do blog hopping, too! [I've been waiting for the summer to arrive so that I could start doing things that I have enjoyed doing. J]

As of now, I am happy and contented with what I am and what I have, because I know that God is the One who gave these to me, and I'm just glad that every time I go to school and be at home, I am always safe and hasn't undergone the kidnapping drama that is widespread among our region (the internal organ-takers!) Also, my family is in a stable condition now, without that much worrying about finances and all…

The Rominas are not leaving the country soon, as opposed to the decisions made earlier this year – and I am also thankful for that because not only we shall keep our friends physically, we can also enjoy each other's company for a longer time and share new experiences that we could encounter in the upcoming days. I think that only the fact that they will not be able to supply us loads of chocolate will be the ONLY reason why I would want them to continue their migration – haha. XD

And then, let me tell you about our Foundation Week at school held last February in which I enjoyed new experiences with my classmates and new friends either because of working for the "café liberate" [is that our shop's name?! I can't remember!!] or because I had time to go back and forth Los Baños where my high school friends are. P.S. they helped me with my project in Biology, which was the preservation of animals (I chose insects, which require a comparative report) and they were the ones who caught 2 different grasshoppers which I searched in the internet for about a whole day!

With the event, I have enjoyed some time serving customers [which include the cute former Mr. (insert my school here) and those whom they say <s>like</s> me. I had the opportunity to watch the band which I enjoyed during the acquaintance party [they sing paramore hits], the inter-math competition in which I knew "matt evans of the School of Engineering" and in which I enjoyed a short time accompanying my former teacher who influenced me much on my mathematical ability – or should I wish!? Haha.

About people around me, it's a good thing having friends around, though I'm not as much a busy person like them (Nesty!) and that there will always be that "special friend" – which is not imaginary – who will always be one text away. . .J

And another friend whom I also enjoy company with XP

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