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Friday, April 04, 2008
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last month passed by, and so did many things.

there's Cindy's graduation, in which i was able to see my friend, Bi-ean and her father, and Arnie who was personally invited by my family, and there's Mark who bugged me for my notes in Biology, our exam the day after, the last of the Final Exams. much for the graduation is another problem - where would my sister be for high school? it has been rumored that it is now more strict to enroll in the high school i went into for her batch starting this June.

there's also this Unlimited Unlimitxt in which i was surprised to know that i have been able to SMS friends of the same network, unlimitedly [unlike others who have theirs for only 24 hours, mine is still active for more than a week! cool!

also, in the same month, i have since been a close friend to one of my crushes [?]...haha! funny because we only met once, yet it's as if we knew each other for how long...;) but, he's graduating now. anyhow, i still am happy for being such friends with cool people like kuya Joseph. XD another weird thing, is that, he's friends with one of Arnie's past patients. hehe.

sad part of my month? the end of the semester, and having future classmates according to the alphabetical arrangement of my batch's students. [at least, i can be classmates again with one of my close friends during the first sem--JR.] there's even this time when we had to stay late for school just to savor the last time that Jam, Nesty and I are classmates, by acquiring and exchanging personal letters from each one.

anyway, there's this invitation from a family friend to have a vacation with them at Kalibo, Aklan, with the chance to be in Boracay for two weeks! cool... good thing, i have been allowed to go since this summer would be the last free summer that i am going to have for the next 4 years!

[and i know. i SHOULD prepare.]

we are leaving on monday. i'll surely miss my friends. and my pc. T_T

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