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Thursday, May 31, 2007
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i've been chatting a LOT these days, and i think i have to lessen it. there were two nights that ended late. and so, i must stop.

but then again. i just can't help myself.

well,anyway. there was this guy who added me on his friends' list. then, the next thing i know was that we were babbling away. XD

[peace. his name is carmigz. he commented and tagged before i knew him.]

anyway,it was such a good [great] thing that i knew him. then, if we haven't met, i could have been thinking that i'm the most forlorn human in this world. anyway, he has the same fate as i am.

he's someone who also passed my long-lost loved university---UP Manila, and he got a slot in the college of nursing! cool! he's also someone from the province who wanted to study in Manila. [though he had studied in manila science for his high school, he will be studying at DLSD..]

[pampam lang. natutuwa ako e. hahaha.]

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