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Friday, June 01, 2007
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someone on my messenger list has been making me inquisitive recently..some time ago, it went out something like this:

"gusto kita, gusto mo ko. gusto ka nya, gusto mo siya! ang galing, di magkagustuhan na lang tayo!"

yet,i only summon up the things that have been happening on me almost a year ago.

when someone was actually coming and i'm wanting to let him in...yet the other won't want to leave---until now. but, i have made him leave. wala lang. i'm missing everything that also left. especially our friends. our church. our friendship. our loiters. his time. his tutorials. his everything. [huh? bakit ngayon lang?] meron din, nakakamiss yung car. haha. mga kayabangan. gtec. o2 jam. tapos, yung isa. koreanovelas, anime.

[hindi ba ako masaya ngayon?]

MASAYA. :D happy, ecstatic..and everything. but of course, whenever i go down to memory lane, it happens. and so, i have to bear.

what can i say? i'm so emotional...T_T

post note.

i've been spending my time at bianca's blog...argh. i can't help it. i feel like a stalker or something...

[with spongecola's dragonfly on the playlist...haay. i miss you.]

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