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Tuesday, August 14, 2007
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Midterms started my day. First one to agonize is my chemistry Lecture—for we also have Laboratory. I admit that I have not studied my lessons and exercises that well, not until I was on my way to school, reading my photocopies of the past lessons in my ridden jeep.

I have taken the course for granted, really, and I am regretting for that. PRELIMS were exactly what you define “simple” and “easy” and that made me think that MIDTERMS will be the same. Unfortunately, it was not. It was as hard, REALLY hard. I never knew what to do, especially that I only reviewed for the definitions and formulae to be remembered (those, which are recurrently mentioned in most of the practices.)

Can you imagine having the compounds written at its actual name, and not as its chemical formula? In addition to that, how could I predict the products of the reactants anyway? I never knew. I have studied Balancing Equations and Redox Reactions, yet I was never sure that I have configured out the right symbols for the compounds. HOW COULD I ever pass?

Nevertheless, it was a relief that it was not only I that was tormented by the situation, but also my classmates! Haha!

Subsequent to the above situation, it was in Psychology where I also have not studied. BOOHOO. tell me: how to deal with flunking exams and dreaded answers? I have only gotten 31/50. boohoo. boohoo.

I know, this is a lesson that I must live by: never underestimate things that go your way. They can be easy at most times, but they can also be rough and THREATENING!!

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