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Friday, August 10, 2007
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starting next week, there will be no classes for 3 consecutive Mondays, [woohoo!!! isn't my title correct?! i told you so!! haha...XD]

the events responsible for such a hearty cheerful event are the following:

~~~a seminar for teachers

~~~the national holiday for Ninoy and

~~~another thing. [i don't know really. ]

anyway, it has been a drowsy day, in which early in the morning, we have almost overslept.. then, there's that moment when I almost slept in our last subject [where the teacher was situated in the back part of the room...]

know what kept me going? Candy Mag! haha... it's a good thing that Daniel Radcliffe was on the cover, hence, Des wouldn't buy that issue...

TRIVIA: I do read Candy Mag every month, but only through Llendl, my friend back in hs, who collects them since 2004..

Anyway, I miss my hs friends. It's unfair that they do see each other any time they have vacant hours, while as for me, I'm left with

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