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Monday, August 06, 2007
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we were answering our Lab printouts when all of a sudden, my groupmate told me this:

"alam mo ba kung bakit ako lumalayo? ayoko kasing ma-develop.."

nothing. i just can't help not to remember.. it was such a statement I couldn't help not to notice. XP we were in serious air when he said that.. also, earlier that day, he was actually ignoring me... [because, i opened the topic about the concert in which he might also be able to attend... o.o]

at around 1.30 pm, while waiting for my last class at 2 pm, a group of guys went into my way and one of them asked...

Guy: "miss, pwede bang mahingi number mo?"

Kate: "no. :)"

he went away, then returned with a statement readied...

"tanda mo ba nung acquaintance, yung naghahagis rin ng lobo...?"

Kate: "alin? yung maintenance?..*hehe*"

"hindi... yung nakikipaglaro..."

Kate: "hindi ko maalala..."

"sige, yung number mo na lang..."

Kate: "wala akong load. :)"

"ok lang... hindi talaga?"

Kate: "OO."

anyway, just about late this day, and early this evening, jenny, my long-time friend who goes to school at UPB just went back to her place---in the north. it was such a grievous [arte?!] moment, because we know that it would be a long time again for us to meet soon... plus, think of the busy moments THEY would be having. [asa pa sa akin. ako?! maging busy sa school namin?! o.o]

anyway, i have just read his blog...blogs actually. ang sweet....>.<

and i just couldn't stop falling...:x

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