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Saturday, April 12, 2008
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it's funny to be here in a way that you could say that "i'm having my vacation"... i'm out of the city, and have travelled through bus and ships, multicabs and pedicabs which can accomodate more people than the usual. but it's actually sad to be far from your family. there's this issue about closeness and keeping secrets... there's this issue about missing someoneS. haha. and i don't know how to deal with my testimony, if they have already accepted it or not. if it's right or wrong. so let me tell you these things in detail today. in less than 35 minutes' time [i only rented a pc]

okay, first things first. about the testimony. so, it's a written output of a confessing christian, summarizing what happened to her as her transformation from a sinner to a saved woman of God, at the same time evangelizing, glorifying and praising in God's name...so that those who read of it will also be saved. i was interviewed for the church membership in MCBC just last april 6, the night when ate janet and ate dyan were baptized. there's this thing with being friends and unequal yoking for Christ and for unbelievers...and that i can't be with those who don't recognize Christ as their Savior. so, goodbye my almost lover...

sana mabasa mo to.

regarding aklan, i am enjoying the different foods which they serve us. there's this 'inuburan' which uses the 'ubod' of a young banana shoot as the main ingredient...it's so much of a good taste, and i'll be missing it because it's only cooked here. i think. there's also this clean environment and early-to-bed-early-to-rise environment, because people are all hardworking... they cook food early and go to work early, and of course, go home early. at about 5.30 or just when darkness strikes, you can see the people increasing, especially the transport vehicles, so it's hard to stay late at night if you are not to be in your own house, and without a vehicle.

i only complain about the fellowship i am getting from my vacation-mates, because they are buddies from the church since they met, and i'm the shy and quiet girl that i am so you expect me get lost and be upon by myself..there are those issues that only they would know, there would be things that they are the only ones who can talk about, and i'm getting sick of it. i guess.

good thing the revesencio sisters are all accomodating and they treat as well.. i am also being influenced by their family's faith in God, thinking that i should kick up the notch this time..

anyway, i have brought my betraying camera which i think is the worst in the world. how could it be a photographer by night?! you know what i mean?! whenever i shoot pictures of the world with the sunlight present, it would be giving out pictures with too much light on, much like just a white image. i hate it!
there's this time that we are on a ship and that you could see boracay island, picture perfect with the right amount of sunrise on it, and then it turned out to be an image not meant to be. if only i could buy a NIkon D40 whatever which is much like that of professionals, then i could be a pro myself. T_T
but still, since i should be contented, then i'll be patient till i can get my own work. [huh?!]

and then, there is the church which is a fellowship for all...but just last this friday after my first attendance of a night prayer meeting, there was this couple who was involved with an accident because they get rid of a dog on their way....we prayed for it, and you can feel the sincerity of the whole congregation...[i felt it more during the accident but felt it earlier during the prayer meeting]..it's good to hear the desires of the church being reported to God and all,,

about my friends in the opposite sex,i feel very neutral. yet i want to feel happiness and all. there's arnie whom i have labelled as friend, because it is meant to be that way since i am devoting myself to God, and then there's ian..who knows that i am devoted to God..he still confessed that i caught his attention and all [though he argues with me through text all the time] and there's kuya joseph who, i think is to be forgotten.

i miss my mom. i miss cindy. i miss dad. i miss school. i miss jam. i miss nesty. i miss jr. i miss arn.

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