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Thursday, April 24, 2008
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hardly 24 hours before, i have come again to my hometown, my home. it has been 2 weeks and 2 days that I was away from here.. i missed my family, my computer and my bed... at last, i could sleep peacefully again, without any time that i should be waking up.


anyway, we boarded Negros Navigation, from Palawan, which stopped over Caticlan, then to Manila. there's this guy who helped me of my biggest bag, and has given us tips on how to go to Parañaque..

such a great guy, yet i didn't have the chance to get his name, even if we were onboard for 14 hours...

we arrived at Parañaque last Sunday, April 20. we didn't go home that night because we were invited by the Rominas to stay with them until Monday morning, which was consequently moved to Tuesday because it was Krizzia's birthday, yet our departure was then moved again to Wednesday because there was this conflict between the parents, involving my mom.

i have been the subject of laughter for some time now, because of my sleeping habits and all. shamefully true anyway. there's my mom who did not appreciate what i got for her--pillowcases from a rural ukay shop--which really is something cute, but i wasn't aware that its zipper was broken. and so, i am really in a downfall right now. plus this sister who doesn't obey our mom, and me.


about the trouble with the parents, it involved first of us, the children. i apologized to someone because i am not getting in touch with her lately, and it was because 'other' friend always turns her away from me, not wanting for us three to converse and so., things happen,

then that former [former-latter, not former=past] friend's mom asked my mom last monday why we're not talking and my mom answered plainly honest. then, tita extended that issue to the latter's mom and things got worse...and worse.

however, by now, all things are settled because it is managed with consent from our pastor...


i have no control for my feelings right now, and have decided to live for God. it's a great blessing what Pas. Rene had preached last April 13 at ARBC... about choosing handsome unbeliever lover over a divine God, and he's right. i shouldn't let go of God, but of that unbeliever...

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