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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
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Just last week, after arriving home from the famous island of the Philippines, [if you'll be asking most party-goers and socialites], I have come to realize that not only by working would I want to earn but also through the internet...

I have seen people referring to Bux.to as one of the good ones, and so I have tried it. Then there's MyLot and SurfJunky... of all the three, I have enjoyed SurfJunky because there won't be any need for much work, and you earn as easy as you learn 1-2-3. For some reasons, I invited some friends to be my referrals - and they did - but after some serious research by one of them, turns out that SurfJunky is only a scam!

It just knocks me down whenever I think of it. It's the one I have focused myself into yet it is the one that betrayed my trust. I sure do hope that it would not be the same again. I will remember to always search around anyway before having to do things over and even damaging my own name or bank account! ö

new PTCs, by the way. XD one two three

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