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Thursday, June 14, 2007
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haay. i can only think of what my life could have been---sa UP... though,i can say, ok na rin. i've got lots of friends now in LIT... only thing that makes me wonder is the fact that there are actually people who were from such different, not to mention distant, places. i mean, i almost felt that i am in UP.. haha..

peace. it was because there are those who really are from palawan, paete, san pablo, sta.rosa.. really funny.. also, there was Rio, the girl whom almost everybody from my class talks about because of having someone...haha..if you know what i mean..XD

anyway, this day only brought about 2 hours of having proffesors in front of us. i mean, why did they waste my time? why do we have to attend our first day in almost 5 hours when all we have to do were only introductions to each other...

anyway, there were GOLDEN foods, i mean, hello! why do they have to be so expensive? O.o if i were in manila, maybe, i could accept that fact---but hello?! laguna lang to, haha. probinsya. bakit ang mahal? O.o

it was a good thing having jerick around..;) he treated us [me???] with a bunch of choco crinkles [yum2! :D] and also the fare back home... such a great guy..;) jerick was my first suitor in highschool...[old romance? lol.]

anyway, i'm REALLY eager for our jaunt to Makati, where i grew up! ;) we'd be going to The Fort, Greenbelt and somewhere else. hihi... i'm always loving the Urban life...XD malls, oh, malls.. why do i have to be away from you...?

if i were to study in UPM, one thing that i would really like to be doing is wander around Rob Manila... haay... shattered dreamS...

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