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Thursday, June 21, 2007
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i'm hating my school, really.

it only makes me sick of it. grabe.

with almost no classes, and with corny subjects..

i'm still wishing that i'd be at highschool, with my long-time friends.. with great, active and enthusiastic teachers on subjects that MATTER---unlike everywhere else...-.-

i've been really troubled with my sleeping, especially last night. i woke up at around 2am and haven't got back up to my sleep until around 4am. then, i had to wake up at 5am... so, in short, i hardly got to sleep.

when i did get to my school, i was horrified to know that there were no classes at all! the worst part is that we had to stay at school, because it was not officially announced. we had to stay until the whole day's dismissal, not knowing ALL of them won't attend our class.

so much for the "early-to-school" drama.


a text from someone in the past.

"no love can hurt as much as the love that can never be.. And no thoughts can hurt as much as the thoughts of a love that could have been.."

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